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Tangle Your Taste Buds with Some of The Best Asian Food


Asia- a land of 48 countries is full of varieties, full of colors, vibrant traditions, amazing cultural, beautiful places, extraordinary people and some very interesting culinary practices. With some best Asian food which is not only popular locally but have a global fan base, Asian cuisine is one of the most complex cuisines that offers some of the tastiest dishes in the world. Whether it be the first sip of the morning with your favorite green tea from China, breakfast with Vietnamese Bahn mi op la, lunch with steamed rice and a delicious Indian curry, evening snacks with tasty Korean dumplings or a Sri Lankan Kiribath dinner, Asian food has all the best options in the menu. From very simple to complicated food recipes, fast and easy to complex and lengthy cooking techniques, every kitchen in Asia is a stage of food magic!

A short note on the Asian countries

Asia consists of 48 countries, covering an area of 44.58 million km2, Maldives be the smallest and Russia the biggest country of Asia. Each country has its own specialties and qualities and this countless varieties are visible everywhere- culture, traditional practices, attire, places and of course cuisine.

Some of the best Asian food you need to try

  1. Dumplings: Dumping is a kind of recipe which is now not only popular in Asian cuisine but worldwide people loves it. According to a belief the origin of dumpling is from China where a medical practitioner named Zhang Zhongjing first invented it. Dumpling is basically some stuffing wrapped into a piece of dough skin. The dough may be of flour, bread or potato. In China, the most popular dumpling stuffing is pork mixed with veggies or other ingredients. Generally steamed but boiled and fried dumplings are equally enjoyed.
  2. Biryani: Biryani origin is found to be from Persia and brought to India by the Mughals. It was basically popular among the Muslims of India, but today it has a global fan base. Biryani is nothing but a rice recipe, kind of a one pot meal. Rice mixed with different spices, veggies, meat and other ingredients prepared deliciously forms biryani. The use of ghee, kesar, traditional spices and herbs makes it more delicious. Originally biryani was prepared with meat, but now it is available in various vegetarian options too.
  3. Kimchi: Kimchi is a traditional dish of Korea. It is basically salted and fermented vegetables. In Korea the most commonly used vegetable for making Kimchi is cabbage and radish, though many other vegetables are also used. Chili powder, spring onion, garlic, seafood etc. are used for seasoning. Earlier Kimchi was actually a way to preserve vegetables for the days of crisis. Traditionally people used to store Kimchi in-ground in large earthenware. But now people use Kimchi refrigerators and prepare different varieties and also use it in soups and stuffing.
  4. Panipuri: Panipuri, also known as Golgappa has an origin in India. A very popular snack filled with flavors and taste. Gogappa can be called as some spicy water balls. Stuffing of potato into a small crispy fried dough and presented with some spicy tamarind water to be put inside the fried dough ball along with the potato- that is what Panipuri is. In India small roadside Panipuri stalls and crowd near is a common scene- proving how popular this tiny little snack is! Panipuri is indeed a must try Asian food.
  5. Gua Bou: Gua Bou is an East Asian food, specifically associated with Taiwan. Gua Bou which means cut bun, is basically a hamburger. A white bun steamed and a pork belly inside the bun, garnished with mustard greens, sugar, cilantro etc.
  6. Sushi: There is still a conversation for Sushi whether Chinese or Japanese, but Japan is certainly the Sushi capital of the world. But from wherever Sushi belongs to, it has now been spread to the entire world and marked itself as one of the best Asian recipes. In America a Sushi restaurant is an easy find and Americans do love it too. Sushi is basically rice in vinegar, a bit salty, a bit sweet and prepared with raw seafood and vegetables.
  7. Pho: Pho is a popular Vietnamese dish, basically a soup with rice noodles and other different ingredients. It contains broth, rice noodles, vegetable, different herbs and beef. A complete dish with full nutrition and well balanced flavors.
  8. Laab: Well, the food of Laos is not a much talked about topic, but this Southeast Asian country too has a lot of varieties to offer. Laab, considered as the national dish of Laos is basically a salad. But of course not a so called boring salad you are thinking! It is a salad consists of meat, different local herbs mixed with fish sauce and lime. The dish is often garnished with a powder made from ground rice.

Exploring different cuisine, knowing the ingredients, trying different tastes is always fun and in case of Asian food, where you can get a whole lot of uniqueness, newness, amazing flavors and taste, the experience doubles up. Try Asian food, love Asian food!

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