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Signs of Drug Addiction-Know it, Cure it!


People are so much into the rat race now, blind folded with the materialistic life, super busy in getting a so called good life that even if someone very close or next to the door is suffering, having sign of drug addiction and even if asking for help, it often gets unnoticed. But one should know that if God has sent you to earth, that’s for a reason and if you can stand up as the reason for someone’s smile, there is no bigger achievement than this! So, it is important that you notice the changes in your loved ones. If he/she is having an addiction problem and in need of drug addiction treatment, first and foremost, get them into a proper rehabilitation centre or counsellor.

Having a drug addiction is bad, but not knowing that it is actually a problem and that it should be cured is even more dangerous. Symptoms of drug addiction may vary from person to person. But there are some signs which can be seen in common for the drug addicts. In this blog we will elaborate the signs, causes as well as treatments of drug addictions.

What are the signs of drug addiction?

Addiction signs are mostly psychological, social and physical. Some common signs may include-

  1. Cravings- Consumption of some kinds of drugs may lead a person to have intense cravings. This is often visible when a person lowers the amount of drugs he was taking before. Such withdrawal syndromes may also include diarrhea, constipation, abnormal sweating etc.
  2. Change in Appetite- Appetite change is also a sign of drug addiction. A sudden and abrupt increase or reduce of one’s appetite is not normal and can be a sign of addiction.
  3. Lack of sleep- A drug addict person may suffer from sleeplessness. Insomnia is common for most of the people now-a-days, but when it occurs as a result of drug consumption, it damages a person’s health even worst. Lack of sleep again leads to bigger problems which not only impacts physical health but snatch mental peace too.
  4. Can cause serious disease like cancer- Consumption of specific addiction substances like tobacco can lead to serious disease like cancer. It may damage your lungs, limbs and cause problems in veins and archeries. Excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to chronic liver problems too.
  5. Risky behavioural changes- A person severely addicted to drugs can go to any extension to get the substance and consume it. If restriction is imposed that person may act violently. He/she may indulge themselves in stealing, lying, quarrelling, beating, unsafe sexual activity or any criminal offense which may even lead them to legal punishments.
  6. Changes in appearance- A drug addicted person gets dark circle, eyes look drowsy, tired and absent minded. He/she may even pays less attention to hygiene and likes to stay isolated.
  7. Becomes irresponsible- A drug addicted person runs away from responsibility. Responsibility towards his/her personal life, social life, career, friendship, love relationships nothing seems important over drugs. That person gets ready to even to sacrifice his most loved ones just to continue consuming those deadly substances.
  8. Leads to financial trouble- This is obvious. If a person spends most of his earnings in buying addiction substances how long he could be able to attain a balanced financial status? Any kind of addiction is not available at a very cheaper price and even if it does, continuous consumption of such substances hampers a person’s financial conditions.

Get the treatment right

Every sunset carries a promise of beginning of a beautiful day. But yes, there should be willingness to see that beautiful sunrise, to feel the dew drops and make a fresh start. Drug problem is also not different. Any person, at any phase of life may get addicted to drugs or any such substances. But it is important for the person to try to overcome that situation and it is important for his closed ones to make him realize that he needs to get proper treatment or go for counselling. Drug rehabilitation is mainly of two types- Inpatient drug rehab and outpatient drug rehab. There are a few differences between inpatient and outpatient drug rehabilitation, but both are considered most successful techniques of rehab and used often in drug addiction treatments. A brief of inpatient vs outpatient treatment is described below-

  1. Inpatient drug rehab- Inpatient or residential treatment is adopted mostly for the severe patients. Here the addicted person stays in facility centres where they stays in 24/7 supervision and good medical care is given. Supervised drug detoxification in safe environment is performed, patients get individual as well as group therapies, meditation and other motivating activities are conducted regularly and each get chances to share their experience with fellow patients and thus creating a feeling of hope and positivity.
  2. Outpatient drug rehab- Outpatient treatment is a bit flexible compared to inpatient treatment. Here the patient is allowed to go home after the hours of treatment at the centre. Outpatient drug rehab is ideal for patients who are at a initial stage of addiction and the condition is not that severe.

According to US statistics on alcohol addiction and abuse, around 30 Americans die every day in an alcohol related car accident and six Americans die every day from alcohol poisoning. If this is the condition in one of the most developed countries, imagine how the rest of the world is dealing with it! This is indeed a major problem and greater solution to this should be on focus for each and every country.

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