Mobile App Benefits for Retail and Ecommerce

Mobile App Benefits for Retail and Ecommerce

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Introduction to Ecommerce Mobile App

Let’s start this topic with a simple question? Whenever you shop on Amazon or Ebay, which device do you use? We bet it’s your smartphone. And how do we know that? Well according to the latest m-commerce statistics, 79% of the people worldwide have used a smartphone to make an online purchase. Now you know! And not only so. 60% of shoppers use an ecommerce mobile app to compare prices when they are shopping in a store!

Afterall, these mobile applications have transformed the whole purchasing process into a more simplified process! Starting from awareness to conversion, you can complete that entire process without missing out on that favorite series of yours! And it’s not just about ecommerce! You can even influence in-store purchase experience too!

Besides, here’s a tip. Only 1 out of 10 mobile apps provides a facility to increase the in-store purchase experience! So, it’s “The Road not Taken” and you can easily step on it to take your firm to the most preferred one! In short you must have a mobile app to improve your sales whether it be ecommerce or retail. Since providing the best to your customers and getting the best from them is the ultimate goal!

Benefits of having a Mobile App for your Ecommerce and Retail Firm

It’s very obvious that this question will pop up in your mind – “Why do people love mobile apps so much?” Well, if you have this question then we have an answer for that too! Let’s take a look at the features and benefits of having a mobile app since they hold all the answers to this mystery!

A Step Closer to Loyalty and Greater Order Value

Get this first: why will you spend your time finding a different site when you already have a shortcut on your phone? That’s the same reason why consumers invest their time downloading your app. Moreover, an investment is an investment. And since by downloading your app, customers have already shown their loyalty to you. Plus, there is a higher chance of order value increment! According to statistics, with an ecommerce app, the add-to-cart rate increases by 85%! And what’s more it increases the conversions by 130%! Moreover, customers are likely to return to your firm if you provide them the convenience of a mobile app.

Listed below are some ways how an app helps to improve customer loyalty:


Users can customize how they want to experience your store. From related searches you can derive ample information about your consumers. Now you can use this information for your own benefit. Since you can easily provide your consumers with similar choices like features and suggestions – opportunities which they are likely to grab.

Push notifications

How do you feel when you see that “50% off” notification on your phone? We get extremely excited and so do your consumers! They are likely to open up your mobile app and make a purchase. That’s another strategy to retain customer loyalty.

Special content

You can specially craft content for your consumers via a mobile app. For example, you can broadcast a special offer which can be availed only by mobile app users. This will surely make your app consumers feel special about themselves.

Reward system

A consumer is likely to approach an app which holds a loyalty program. Whether you provide a free membership or add points after each purchase, your consumers will surely get encouraged.

24/7 Support System

On a mobile app you can install AI chatbots to help you with assisting support for your consumers. Hence, you no longer need to read their messages and answer since AI bots can do that on behalf of you. Moreover, your consumers get impressed due to the fast service you provide!

Reduction in Response Time

Have you ever wondered why apps load faster compared to websites? Well, this loading speed or response time is lesser for apps because they store data partially on smartphones. The data transmitted is 10 times lesser than websites, even though apps connect to servers as well. Besides, mobile apps recover data faster too! Furthermore, apps are more proactive and save a user’s time. Since users can save their preferences on apps which enable apps to load the favored content only!

Convenient User Experience (UX)

Another reason why consumers prefer apps is its UX. Apps’ UX differs from that of a mobile web version. Here are some of the reasons why an app UX is better than web UX:

  • Easy navigational layout
  • No distractions
  • Less content and more images
  • Navigation with the help of the thumb

Higher Conversion Rates

We have already talked about this. Since a mobile app improves the whole purchase journey compared to a website, the chances of conversion increases by 130%! Compared to ecommerce mobile sites, an ecommerce app provides 3 times more conversion. While compared to desktop web versions it is 1.5 times more!

In-built features for better engagement

Apps even provide shortcuts for your consumers! That’s right. You can integrate user’s smartphone features and provide them with a much smoother experience! Just like:

Skip the process of manually entering shipping addresses with the help of geotags. GPS also redirects your users to the nearest offline stores too!

  • You can verbalize the search process using the microphone.
  • And your consumer may not know a product’s name even though they have the physical product. But then can simply use the camera to make an image search. Moreover, they can also share the pictures of their purchased products on social media handles directly from your apps!

All these enhance your consumers’ engagement even more!

Lower cart abandonment rates

Do you know? The ecommerce industry faces a high cart abandonment rate leading to lower conversions. According to statistics:

  • Mobile sites experience an abandonment rate of 97%
  • For desktop sites the rate is 68%
  • While for mobile applications the rate is just 20%!

Some of the reasons for such a low abandonment include:

  • Auto-fill options
  • Easy sign-up process with social media sites
  • Greater cyber security
  • Single check out process
  • Safer transactions gateways


Now you may ask whom to approach to develop a high functioning mobile app? You have the option of hiring a freelancer or a mobile app development agency. But how will you know who provides a better experience? Well, if you ask us then we suggest the latter. And the reason you can find right over here.

But before you hire an App Development Company don’t forget to check their: testimonials, portfolio, clients’ reviews and ratings, business development models and target industries. And you are good to go!

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