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Make your keto meal plan

Are you someone who fantasizes about a slim-trim body? Or the one who wants to have a healthy body? Well with a perfect keto meal plan you can achieve your desired goals. As we all know that we hardly can get time for those long jogs and walks. Yes, during weekends it is still manageable but you know that won’t bring you the desired results if you won’t have a proper diet plan. So the best alternative to the keto diet perfectly suits your requirements. For those who are not much aware of the history of the keto diet then it goes back like this. You may think that the keto diet is the result of fitness research but let me correct you. It was originally developed in 1920 as a dietary therapy to cure epilepsy by initiating ketosis in a patient’s body.

I know it must be challenging to change your food cycle. Initially, it can be a somewhat daunting experience. It can get tough on your body too. I get this from a lot of people. Therefore, you need a lot of determination to achieve what you desire.

Setting Your Mind

Before setting your diet plan, you must set your mind in the right direction. Frankly, while searching for a keto diet you may come across numerous diet plans that many experts would have jotted down in their article. My advice would be to stick to one plan and prepare your mind to follow the same regime throughout the time. Again, I would say that it will take a lot of guts at the beginning to initiate a keto diet process.

How to Start Keto Meal Plan

If all the family members are following a keto diet, then they can choose different keto plans whereas if there are only two of you then going for a similar plan is best recommended. Analyze every plan in detail. You can also write down some notes that will aid you during the process. Moreover, I would recommend you to keep a journal with you that will help you get a clearer picture of your plan. Also, pen down some do’s and don’ts.

Who Should be Cautious About Taking These Diets?

  • If you are breastfeeding- I would recommend avoiding a strict low-carb diet. Going for a liberal low-carb diet( at least 50 grams of carbs per day)can work best for you during these times.
  • If you are taking medications for diabetes- if you are a type one diabetic patient then I guess there is not much of concern. You must keep communicating with your doctor about the diet plan changes.

For type two diabetic patients it is important to consult a dietician before starting with your keto meal plan.

What to Eat?

You have to avoid consuming too many carbs. You can consume 50 grams of carb per day, ideally, it is below 20 grams. The lower the number of carbs intake, the more effective it would be for you. Counting your carbs intake is necessary. Avoid it if you follow a particular diet plan.

AVOID– Avoid consuming food that is high on carbs and is sugary. Especially these kinds of food items;

  • Rice
  • Potato
  • Bread
  • Pasta

INCLUDE– Include items that provide you with less than 20 grams of net carbs per day are as follows:

  • Meat and Substitutes
  • Meat is the ideal option for your keto diet. You can have lamb, beef or pork. All kinds of poultry can work best for you. Tofu and tempeh are good options.

  • Searfood and Fish
  • Salmon, mackerel, herring, cod, halibut, and trout are some of the best choices of food you can have.

  • Veagetables
  • Leafy greens vegetables and salads work best for you. Focus on including cabbage, broccoli, avocado, cauliflower, and zucchini in your diet. It is an ideal choice for some going for a vegetarian diet.

  • Eggs
  • For an inexpensive meal try boiled eggs, fry them or make an omelet.

  • Nuts
  • Nuts are believed to be low in carbs. Having plenty of them also won’t work best for you. Start by having a few of them like up to 25 grams a day. Yes, what kind of nut you eat is also vital. For instance, cashews are much higher in carbs.

  • Fruits
  • A small size intake of berries, lemons tart fruits are recommended. Remember most of the fruit contains sugar. For a keto dessert, you can try a small scoop of berries with real whipped cream and shaved dark chocolate. Sounds too delicious!

  • Fat Dairy Items
  • The best breakfast item is a greek yogurt as it is low in sugar(avoid flavored one). Also, cheese, butter, and cream go with a keto diet plan.

  • Beverages
  • Water intake with a slice of a cucumber and a couple of berries on the top can work great for you. Also, hot water with a slice of lemon is a good option. Include black, green, orange mint, or herbal tea for your diet. Avoid adding sugar.

Coffee does not include carbs. If you are following keto for weight loss then avoid adding cream or fat to your coffee.

Diet soda can work great for some followers but most of them avoid it. Consuming it often ends up making you feel more hungry.

Alcoholic drinks such as tequila, whisky, and vodka have zero carbs as long as you don’t mix them with sweet sodas.

Need an Assistant?

I agree it is a hassle to be remembering all those meticulous details when following a keto diet. For your aid, certain apps can help you during your keto diet plan. Here are some of the best keto diet apps that can work beautifully for you. I use them and it makes managing every detail so effortless.

Sticking to the keto diet gets easy after a few days. There are two options for following a keto diet: Either you can make your diet planon your own or you can consult a doctor that provides you with a keto diet plan. Earlier I would have recommended you to consult a doctor but as of now with the introduction of keto diet apps, it has become a lot easier for anyone to follow these plans. I hope this information proves useful to you. Make your diet more enjoyable and healthy.

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