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How to Lose Weight and Enjoy Eating At The Same Time


Cousin’s marriage is near? Going on a date? Want to lose weight fast? Well, the sweat slim belt, the expensive weight loss drink, tablets, your fancy weight loss diet, skipping of breakfast- nothing gonna work! Will you hate me now? Yes, but that’s the truth.

First of all if you want to lose weight fast to look good, just forget it. But yes, if you want to lose weight to stay fit, please go ahead! As it said by the experts, fitness is not a destination. It’s a journey. Skipping of breakfast is fine if you want to continue that your whole life. Will you be able to do it? Of course not, you will be ill, your immunity will drop, your resistance power for diseases will decrease. What you need to understand here is that being fit is more important than looking thin and that is what we should be wanting.

Don’t lose hope, but lose weight

We will be discussing about the weight loss diet in the next part, but the most important thing in the weight loss journey or better I say the fitness journey is that we should be consistent. Sticking to your diet, exercise and making it a part of your life is a must. Of course you can have a cheat day in between but you should know how to balance it. There are certain things like- how much protein one should take, how much carbohydrates, sugar, fats one should consume in order to lose weight. But that’s another big chapter. Basically we can say that in order to lose weigh one should follow a calorie deficit diet. According to U.S Department of Health an adult male generally requires 2000-3000 cal per day and an adult female requires 1600-2400 cal per day. The simple formula is that you burn more cal than you eat.

Include local and seasonal fruits and vegetables in your diet
Include local and seasonal fruits and vegetables in your diet


Again, big big questions in the weight loss process- what should be your weight loss diet? Do you need to eat more protein? Are only vegetables and fruits allowed? Can’t we have oil or any fat?  Is there any specific drinks or ingredient we need to take? What about body hydration? Ending all these dramas- eat your heart out! Yes, you heard it right. Eat your heart out, but not stomach out! Simply, follow the traditional recipes, eat local food, include local and seasonal fruits and vegetables in your diet, eat less sugar, be careful about your carbohydrate intakes, eat simple. In the recent era when technology, science, medical all are at peak, when all the things are available just at a click, when you can have a party meal whenever you want without doing any hard work in the kitchen just by dialing a food delivery number, the food and nutrition experts now are asking you to go local, go traditional. The traditional diet plan is quite popular in the recent time. So, some quick highlights before going to the second portion where you will be reading about some of the home ingredients that help in weight loss.

  • Eat simple, food that your stomach can easily digest.
  • Stop eating just before your stomach is 80% full.
  • Less snacks, more nutrition.
  • Have control in sugar and carbohydrates in your diet.
  • Avoid junk food, deep fried food.
  • Have plenty of water.
  • Include local fruits, vegetables in your diet.
  • Even if for 20mis, take out time for regular exercise.
  • Quality sleep.
Take out time for regular exercise
                        Take out time for regular exercise

Kitchen ingredients that help in weight loss

As said before weight loss should not be a final destination. Rather staying fit should be, a journey, a part of life, a regular practice. In this process some of our very own kitchen ingredients help. We can’t say it reduces your weight, but it indeed helps in your weight loss process, keeps you energetic, help in building required metabolism.

Some common ingredients are-

  1. Coffee– A cup of black coffee before you go for work out gives you stamina.
  2. Lime– A few drops of lime in lukewarm water with honey in the morning or mid meal is good for detoxification.
  3. Flax seed– Flax seed is a good source of dietary fiber. You can add it to your breakfast bowl.
  4. Chia seed– Chia seed is also rich in fiber and other nutrients. You can include this in a smoothie or however you like.
  5. Cinnamon– Cinnamon is not only good for weight loss but have multiple health benefits. A hot cup of cinnamon honey tea is always a good idea.

Food plays a major role in having a fit life. But, if you are thinking how to lose weight fast, exercise has to be in your routine.  It’s not mandatory to be a gym freak for a fit toned body. Some home workout will also do. But the important thing is- you should be consistent, there should be willingness to continue your staying fit mind. You can, you will. Wish you good health.

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