Build an Empanada Factory

How to Build an Empanada Factory?


Starting an empanada business may sound like a daunting feat, and you probably don’t know where to begin, especially considering how the competition is so fierce. The journey to building an empanada factory comes with its own set of challenges and rewards. This is why we have put together this thorough guide for you.
If you want to build your empanada factory, keep reading as we give you a step-by-step guide and a compilation of the best tips to ensure that your empanada food venture is a complete success.

How to build your empanada factory

Curate a Business Plan (recipes)

This is the first thing you will need to do in order to build an empanada factory. Spend some time researching the empanadas market in your local area, how many competitors you have, what is something different you are offering customers, the latest trends, and more. Based on your research, you must write up a solid empanada business plan that will overview your business and appeal to the investors.

You should include the following in your business plan:

  • Your unique selling point
  • The target market
  • The restaurant-style, such as if it is a restaurant, delivery-only place, or a bakery
  • Your menu and if there is something else besides empanadas you are offering

Secure Your Financing

When you have an idea of the empanadas factory you want to build and have come up with a solid business plan, it is time to figure out the finances. You must determine how much money you will need to start your business and where you will get this funding from. You can find funding from various investors or get a business loan.

Choose a Location

The next thing is to choose a location to start your empanada factory from. You can even start up as a home business or go big and secure a location for an empanada restaurant. This entirely depends on the scale of your venture and funding. To find a location, you must assess the following factors:

  • How much rent you can afford to pay
  • Is the location accessible to potential customers?
  • Are your competitors and other food businesses nearby?

Choose Your Supplies

As an empanadas business owner, you will need different kinds of supplies to help make your business successful and profitable. This includes furniture, empanada machines, appliances, and more. You need to find a reliable and successful supplier who can provide you with high-quality supplies and give you affordable rates. For this, you can even check out Maquiempanadas, a renowned company dedicated to manufacturing various types of machines for the food industry.

Get All the Licensing and Permits

The next step is to look up your city or county’s regulations and apply for any licenses you might need to launch your empanadas factory. Every city or county has different rules, so it’s best if you hire legal counsel to help you. Moreover, you will also need to make sure that you follow all the food, health, and safety regulations once you begin operating your empanadas factory.

Build Your Menu

Once you have figured out all the business and legal side of things, it is time to focus on your empanadas factory. Will you be introducing items other than empanadas, or will it purely be empanadas? Whatever you choose, it is best to figure out your menu before launching and come up with the right prices for them based on the cost of supplies and machinery needed to make them.

Hire Employees

Based on the scale of your empanadas factory and the items on the menu, you can determine what sort of employees you need and how big your team will be. Once you have, it is time to look for candidates with sufficient experience and a good track record. Make sure you do a plentiful background check and interview each candidate before hiring them because you have to be careful.
Moreover, make sure you have enough employees for each job because an understaffed empanadas factory can get hectic and stressful.

Advertise Your Empanada Business

Now that you have secured your location, hired a team, and gone through all the legal regulations, it is time to launch your empanadas factory. Before that, you will have to figure out how to get the word out about your business. While word of mouth is good publicity, you must consider other advertising methods too, including:

  • Building a website
  • Putting ads in the local newspaper
  • Creating social media handles
  • Offering promotions to customers

Are you ready to launch your empanadas factory? If so, get all the machines and supplies you need from one of the food industry’s leading manufacturers, Maquiempanadas. Check out their website for prices and more information, and get in touch today!

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