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Homegrown Small Business Ideas You Can Initiate Today

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Financial independence is important for each and every one. No matter how rich your parents are, how big your husband’s bank balance is, how easy going your life is, everyone needs to have atleast some sort of earning source. This is not only important for your financial status but also helps build your self confidence. While some may search for small business ideas to invest their free time in a productive way, for some it might be a necessity to earn their bread. Whatever be the reason, having something of your own is always better. In this blog, we will know about some of the low investment businesses that you can easily start at your home itself. Despite of your employment status, education qualification or work experience you can always opt for these homegrown businesses and initiate with little effort. Going into details now-

10 best small business ideas that never go out of trend-

digital marketer
A digital marketer helps clients in online promotion
  1. Digital marketer– Digital marketing is a huge industry and in demand. Most of the brands small to large want to market their business online. Along with this related services like graphic designing, web designing, content writing, SEO etc. are almost every business’s need. So if you are good at following services, you can start giving services to clients seeking online promotion.
  2. Translator– With the globalization of everything, the need for presenting things in different languages has come into play. Advertising, education, legal, entertainment and in many fields the need for translators are high. So if you are good at languages you can chose to be a translator or a dubbing artist. There are online courses for certified translators. You can get trained there if required.
  3. Party planner– Well that’s a cool small business idea but you need to have a team here. If you take up small parties initially, atleast two more members along with you are preferred. A beautiful catalogue to show your customers with customized party plans, food menu, decoration etc. can be a plus to your venture.

    makeup artist
    Face painting by a makeup artist
  4. If make-up is your thing– Make up is dear to all, especially girls. The need for a professional make-up artist never goes down. If you have this skill you can definitely make it your profession. Not only party make-ups, but it is also required in theatres and dramas. The initial investments will be for the make-up products. Make sure you use good quality make-up products so that clients do not face difficulties applying those.
  5. A coffee joint- A tiny cozy coffee corner can be a great idea if you are thinking to start a business in small scale industry. If your house has a separate space you can even start it from there. Different sweets and snacks with coffee can be added to your coffee joint menu. You can even set up a cake corner attached to your coffee joint that provides customized and theme cakes.
  6. Earth needs more oxygen- Indoor plants are a new cool. People love to have indoor plants in their houses and offices. It doesn’t only serve the purpose of interior decoration but also good for health as placing a plant inside a room helps in increasing the oxygen level in the room. So if you are a lover of green, this could be the perfect venture for you.
  7. Cloud kitchen- With the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown everywhere people now depend much on the online delivery system. This could be a reason cloud kitchens have recently gained much popularity. If you are good at cooking and want to start your own business, cloud kitchen is a very good option.
  8. Photography- Clicking pictures everyday for fun is fine, but if you are really passionate about it, you can make it your profession. Get a good camera and start taking pictures of everyday life, portraits, food or anything you like. Post them in social media, start a page and make a proper work body. When you think there is enough material to show to clients, start approaching probable clients.

    Fitness coach
    A fitness coach training his client
  9. Influencers- Though it is not seen to be called a business most of the time, but it is such a profession which is entertaining and profitable at the same time. Of course it is not easy at all to create a fat fan base, but who knows you could be the most followed person in social media in the next few months. Find interesting content and keep posting!
  10. Fitness coach- If you are closely related with the fitness industry, if people admire your fitness why don’t you start sharing your experience with the world? There are many online platforms where you can share about your fitness journey and inspire people to get a healthy life. People will love to take you up as their fitness coach.

Hope these homegrown small business ideas will help in starting something of your own. But the most important thing at the end- be consistent in whatever you do. Success doesn’t come in one day. Have patience and work smart. Wish you success!

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