Artificial grass installation ideas

Go Green With These Amazing Artificial Grass Installation Ideas

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Artificial grass is a new cool these days. It matches perfectly with both interior and exterior design. Artificial grass doesn’t only look good but it is also beneficial in terms of maintenance. In homes, restaurants, kids’ playschool, pet care, swimming pool setup and in many other interior and exterior areas, artificial grass installation is being seen nowadays. Though it is basically used on the floor, wall, and as doormats, there are many other ways of artificial grass installation. It is an amazing way for adding some greens into your life! This comes under budget, is easy to handle, and gives a beautiful look.

Artificial grass installation ideas

Here are some amazing artificial grass installation ideas-

  1. A low-maintenance garden

Artificial grass is popularly seen used in gardens. Whether on a large area or a small portion of the garden, artificial grass can be used. Unlike real grass, artificial grass doesn’t need much maintenance. There is less scope for pests and doesn’t even get muddy after rain. It gives a green look to the garden which adds to the overall beauty of the garden surrounding.

  1. On the wall

Would you not like to see some green grassy walls by the side of the common concrete walls? Of course yes! This interior designing technique of installing artificial grass on the walls are seen in many restaurants, cafes and even in houses now a days. It is used to give the feel of vertical kitchen garden in the houses. In cafes and restaurants it is to provide the customers a cozy green corner where they can relax, click images with the green background and feel like the nature is near!

  1. Near the swimming pool

Swimming pool areas generally remain a bit wet. Maintaining a real grass carpet might not be feasible there. Installation of artificial grass can solve the problem. Artificial grass saves the area from being muddy and dries quickly. It can also be used on the floors of the changing room near the swimming pool.

  1. In the gym

Artificial grass is also a popular choice to be used on some parts of the gym floors. It creates a soft area which is especially useful for some cardio exercises where the person needs to lay down and do the movements. It can also be used on the floors of the changing room in a gym.

  1. On the kids and pets areas

If you have kids in your house artificial grass will be very useful. Use it on the floor of the kid’s playroom to create a soft surface. This is also useful for homes with pets. Pets love soft surfaces to play with. This will also minimize the problem of loose fur of pets that are often seen dirtying the floors and the corners of the rooms.

  1. Garage

Artificial grass is also useful to be used in garage. It makes your car wash easier by creating less mess on the ground. Also keeps the garage clean and looks tidy.

  1. An artificial yet green balcony

How about a green beautiful balcony welcoming you to have some relaxed hours after office, with your favorite drink in hand and sitting on a comfy surface gazing the stars! Yes, installation of artificial grass in the balcony can get you this environment. Install it on the floor or make a vertical garden on the wall, it suits perfectly on both. Also, it requires minimum maintenance. A balcony with green calming environment with minimum installation charge and least maintenance- what else you need to chill!

  1. Welcome with a grassy doormat

Artificial grass is also seen to be used as doormats now-a-days. It is a great idea to use a piece of artificial grass mats as doormats. It not only keeps your house free from dirty shoes but also is useful to keep your door front clean in the rainy days.

  1. On your sandal for extra comfort!

Isn’t that a creative idea! For creating extra comfort with your shoes or sandal, you can stick a piece of artificial grass on the inside surface. It will not only create extra softness but will also give your shoes and sandal an unique look.

  1. Play area

Do you have an outside play area in your house? Artificial grass can be an excellent match to the floor of your outside play area. Whether it be for outside games for adults or kids, a green comfy play area is always a want.

Artificial grass can be useful in numerous ways. Do you know any more ways? If yes, don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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