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Flaunt Your House With Innovative Wall Décor Ideas

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Who doesn’t like to live in a well decorated space! Whether small or big, we all love to decorate our living areas. Decorating your room not only makes it beautiful, but also fills it with positive vibes. It is true that, the happiness and comfort you feel in your room, can’t be felt anywhere else. When we enter into our very own space after a hectic day outside, it gives us immense pleasure. A beautiful painting, a flower pot, your favorite wall clock, an indoor plant, your teddy beer or maybe a photo of your loved one- features in your room makes it more livable and makes you fall in love with it. Wall decoration plays a vital role in home improvement. Applying the best wall décor ideas, one can perfectly do a makeover of their rooms. Oh! wait, are you wondering how to decorate walls of small rooms? Because it has very little space just even to hang a clock? Well, let me tell you, there is solution for that. So let’s begin now-

Best wall décor ideas:

  1. A beautiful painting of your choice: A wall painting always works well. Whether an abstract art or some cute watercolor flowers, a beautiful painting on the wall makes the living area even more beautiful. Generally abstract art looks more suitable in the wide spaces than a small room. But there is absolutely no rigidity in placing a small piece of abstract art painting in a tiny room too- after all who’s going to stop you from applying your creativity! Tip- if there is really very little space in your room and you feel like putting a wall painting covers almost everything, you can try small art frames (like a mini canvas) on the shelves.
  2. Photographs: Photographs of dear ones always bring smile. In the rack or on the wall, a special corner with all the good memories is something which brings happiness all the time. Photos of your kids, parents, partner, friends or may be a dashing portrait of yours- framing those is one of the best things. Also a photo of your ideal person can inspire you every day. Framing your achievements, a medal or a certificate and displaying it on the walls is too a good idea.  
  3. Play with wall colors: This one is the most important one. Even if you apply the most innovative wall decor ideas, it will look faded if the right colors are not on the walls. So, coloring the walls right should be taken into priority. Two options you can choose from-

         a) Coloring the walls with vibrant colors and put less things in the room, or 

         b) Whitewash the walls and put more things in the room.

Note- Putting vibrant color doesn’t mean you color the room like a kid’s school! You can try different contrasts, moderate patterns or different prints sometimes. Again, instead of just whitewash you can try different light colors too.

  1. Mirror: Do mirrors are only for your dressing table? Well, no! Use of decorative mirrors is one of the best wall décor ideas. Different shapes and sizes of mirrors are available in the market now. There are ways by which you can even reuse the broken mirrors and turn it into a beautiful art piece, use that as a wall décor. Most of the people like to put a beautiful mirror at the entrance too. According to Vastu Sashtra this is a good practice as it reflects the energy entering into the house.
  2. Kill two birds with one stone! In most of the cases a shelf or a rack becomes essential in the room to store the required things. But what if you couldn’t manage space? In such a situation, we can mount the rack to the wall above the ground. This way it will be ideal to put the things in an organized way and save space too.
  1. Lights: Proper lightening is not just for decoration but one of the most essential things in a room. For decorative purposes you can choose a light of your choice, ray color, shape or any feature you would like to see in your room shining bright. Technically, the space between lights, specifically recessed lights for evenly spreading the rays inside the room should be half of your ceiling height. For instance, if your ceiling height is 10 ft, the space between the recessed lights should be 5 ft.
  2. Bring in some green: Some greens inside the room bring freshness. Indoor plants are so trending nowadays that not only in the residential spaces, but people love to keep them in offices, hospitals, schools and other such places. As plants are the major sources of oxygen in the air, keeping an indoor plant intact to your wall helps in balancing the oxygen inside the room.

So, from next time onwards, when you think of innovative home improvement ideas, do not forget to try these best wall décor ideas as well.

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