Make Your Coffee at Home

Don’t Want to Make Coffee at Home? Tips to Save When Buying Coffee


Buying coffee on the go may feel like you are not spending that much money at all. But doing so every day can set you back a thousand dollars or more by the year’s end. Learning how to save money on coffee can be a good way to cut back on your expenses.

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Tips to save money when you buy coffee

Subscriptions and Loyalty Cards

Check out your favorite coffee shops for loyalty cards. For instance, some coffee shops will give you a free cup of coffee after purchasing a certain number of cups. Loyalty cards will ensure that you will keep coming back for your cup. This can save you at least $146 to $150 a year if you are a daily coffee drinker.

Pay Cash

Studies show that customers tend to spend less when you use cash instead of credit. Money that you can touch lets you feel the loss when you spend it. You take notice of what you buy and you try to be careful with the money you have. It can help you cut down on your coffee consumption while you are on the go.

Bring Your Coffee Mug

Some coffee shops give discounts to customers who bring their own travel or reusable coffee mug. This is a good habit to form. You can save money and the environment as well.

Be Resourceful

Your love for a specific type of coffee can cost you a lot, especially if you have it a few times a day. A coffee shop tends to incorporate the same flavors in other types of coffee they offer. You can choose a more inexpensive cup.

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Instead of ordering a frappé, you can choose an iced latte instead. You can also purchase black coffee and then add in cream, sugar, milk or cinnamon. Another option is to buy two shots of espresso in a large cup and then add in your own milk.

Find an Alternative

You can have the same jolt of energy by having a cup at a local store. Eating superfoods, enjoying some sun, exercising, and staying hydrated can give you the same energizing level as a cup of coffee would give you. These alternatives can help you save money while keeping awake.

Make Your Own Creamer

You can purchase black coffee and bring your own homemade creamer with you. DIY coffee creamers are not that expensive at all. They are also healthier than the store-bought kind.

Be Smart and Creative to Save Money on Coffee

Coffee is a need for most people. You can still get your caffeine fix by following the tips mentioned above. You can also save money on coffee and even donuts when you use coupon codes and promos such as loyalty cards.

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