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Best Rehab Centers in New York


Drug addiction is a massive problem not only in New York but almost in every smart city globally. Looking into the increasing rate of substance abuse in New York in the last few years the need for increasing number of detox centres in New York has also been arisen. Drug addiction not only impacts badly to a person’s physical and mental health, it also creates social gap, overall degrading the social as well as economical standards. Drug treatment centers have major responsibility towards the cure of drug addiction. They make sure that an addict can recover himself with less effort, in good environment and under the guidance of experts.

 What is rehab?

 If we see the dictionary meaning of rehab or rehabilitation, it means restoring of something to the former condition after it is found being destroyed. Rehabilitation in terms of drug addiction is also not different. Rehab is a systematic process that helps addicts to recover from their addiction and lead a healthy life. Whether drug addiction, alcohol addiction or any kind of unhealthy addiction habits, rehab centers work as shelter for the addicts. All addictions are not same, accordingly treatments for all the addicted patients are also not same. Hence rehabs arrange for customized treatment procedures for every individual so that everyone heals in a better way and for forever.

 Types of rehab centers

 There are basically two types of rehab centers. One, in which the patient is under supervision for 24*7, stays in the rehab center for a long period and undergoes treatment in the center itself. The second type is where the patient visits the rehab center at a particular time of the day, takes treatment and comes back home. But he stays in contact with his mentors anytime. There are also some individualized drug counseling centers where focuses are also given to fields that might be affected by addiction like the patient’s employment, relationships, social engagements etc.

 What is really addiction?

Addiction is an illness, a brain disorder, an inability to stop using a substance or detaching from doing something that is causing harm physically or psychologically. In most of the cases the addict couldn’t even recognize that they are been trapped into something very hazardous. They love doing it and keep on doing even though someone restricts them from doing so. In some extreme cases they even commit criminal activities and suicide. They distance themselves from the society and people.

Drug addiction is the worst kind of addiction anyone could have. Excessive use of alcohol, pain killers or illegal drugs that causes harm to mental and physical health, creates emotional outbreaks is considered drug addiction.

Bad impacts of drug addiction

  1. Increased aggression- Drug addiction often leads to increase in aggression. Person faces anger management issues and develops anxiety. Unavailability of substances makes an addict anxious and they become vulnerable.
  2. Depression-Addicts distance themselves from the society. They are not ready to discuss anything with the people around even though they are in trouble. They are not interested to discuss any matter not even with their loved ones. All these lead them to feel alone and depressed.
  3. Immune system is weakened- Using of illegal drugs in excessive manner causes liver damage, lung damage and weakens the immune system too. The addicted person either loss appetite or got supreme urge for food.
  4. Causes brain damage- Heavier consumption of drugs impacts the nervous system of body. It may slow down or speed up the central nervous system and impacts other body functions like blood pressure, body temperature and heart rate. This eventually causes brain damage as well.
  5. Overall damage of social and personal relationships- Along with physical damages, drug addiction invites problems in a person’s relationship as well. Most of the time drug addicts act abnormally, like to maintain distance from society as well as their loved ones. This hampers their social and personal relationships and their career too.

Role of rehab centres

The most important role that is played in regards to bring back an addict to a normal life is the rehab centres. Whether a drug rehab or an alcohol rehab, these treatment centres follow proper systems to help an addict get over his addiction. Experts in these drug treatment centres motivate the patients, show them proper way of leading a healthy life. Severe drug addicts are treated under doctors in hospitals and rehab centres look after all these processes.

Best rehab centres in New York city, United States

Below are some of the best addiction treatment centres in New York city, USA-

1. Mountainside Treatment Center – NYC Chelsea

Mountainside is a nationally acclaimed drug and alcohol rehab centre specialized in individualized drug and alcohol addiction recovery programs and services. This drug treatment center in NY city, USA is serving since last two decades and helping out thousands of people to recover from their addiction and leading a better life. With individualized clinical treatments and wellness therapies Mountainside believes in scientific approach in treating a patient and helping him recover fully. It has a group of professional and well-skilled persons who are always ready to help you and get you out of your addiction. They are also good at taking initiatives in making families of the addicts aware of the real scenario and that the person can heal completely with proper treatment.  

Address- 243 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011, United States

Know more: https://mountainside.com/

Rehab center in New York
Image source: https://mountainside.com/


2. Addicts Rehabilitation Centre

Are you a drug addict or an alcohol addict? Are you concerned for someone about their addiction habits? Are you looking for a drug rehab or an alcohol rehab in New York? If yes, Addicts Rehabilitation Centre in Park Ave, NY can be a good place for you. Serving since 1965, this rehab centre in NY, USA is a well known healthcare centre continuously working for addiction recovery. With its years long experience and the highly skilled staff this rehab center can be the real shelter for the addicts to treat their addiction problems and get back to normal life again.

Address- 1881 Park Ave, New York, NY 10035, United States

Contact-  +1 212-427-1342

3. Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Center

Mount Sinai is one of the largest integrated healthcare systems in the USA offering services in different healthcare sectors. From cancer to allergy, dermatology, cardiology, diabetes, neurology, spine, surgery to addiction treatment, everything comes under the big umbrella of Mount Sinai. Mount Sinai rehab centre in Madison Ave, NY, is one of the well known rehab centers not only in the city but in the state as well. With a huge team of doctors and healthcare workers this is a widespread clinical network that is serving in multiple fields in the healthcare sector. This is an internationally acclaimed healthcare network. 

Address- 1450 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10029, United States

Contact: +1 212-241-5417

Know more: https://www.mountsinai.org/care/rehab-medicine

4. New York Center for Living

New York Center for living is a well established addiction treatment centre in New York city which works majorly for the treatment of substance abuse and mental health for teens, young adults and their families. The highly passionate professionals and support team at NYCFL are ready to serve their patients 24*7. They provide one-on-one attention to each individual and customize the treatment procedure accordingly. The younger generation is going to build the future work. If they are not healthy physically and mentally, if they are distracted by drugs and alcohol, what future they will build? NYCFL understands that and works actively to help build a better future.

 Address- 226 E 52nd St, New York, NY 10022, United States

Contact- +1 212-712-8800

Know more: https://centerforliving.org/

drug addiction center in New York city
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5. Parallax Center Inc.

This 30 years old organization for drug and alcohol rehabilitation is one of the oldest pioneers of substance abuse treatment centres in New York city. The organization was founded by Dr. David M. Ockert in the year 1984. Now it is a strong team of qualified doctors, nurses, psychologists, mental health counsellors and social workers who work continuously for the treatment and betterment of substance users. Whether its alcohol, opioids, Benzodiazepines or combination of any drugs, the detoxification is possible at Parallax Center Inc. Medication and treatment for different patients can’t be the same. Everyone’s needs are different, behavior and lifestyle is different. Accordingly the treatment for every patient is customized at Parallax.

Address- 145 E 32nd St 6th floor, New York, NY 10016, United States

Know more: https://www.parallaxcenter.com/

Alcohol addiction centre in NY
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6. Detox & Recovery Center Hotline

 This addiction treatment centre in New York city, USA has recovered thousands of addicts from their drug and alcohol addiction. The staff here is very welcoming and known for their kind behaviour. Along with treatment through medication and therapy, Detox & Recovery Center Hotline also gives importance to patient’s personal care and related factors. There outpatient programs are one of the best in the city.

Address- 147 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10003, United States

Contact- +1 844-762-0520

7. Caron New York

Caron New York, an addiction treatment centre in New York has been in existence since long. It is the result of the legacy of Mr. Richard and Ms. Catherin Caron. Mr. Richard Caron who himself was an alcoholic before became a remarkable man later and inspired many. The vision and mission of Caron New York focuses on addiction treatment with proven and personalized healthcare services. They ensure the patient not only recovers physically but mentally too and receives fair respect and support from society and family too after they are recovered fully and return to their normal life. The recent news in 2022 is that Caron’s Keele Centre in Florida will work for older adults by including residential detox unit and special programs.

Address- 575 Madison Ave Suite 704, New York, NY 10022, United States

Know more- https://www.caron.org/

drug rehab in NY, USA
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8. Bronx Addiction Treatment Center

Bronx Addiction Treatment Centre is a small unit but one of the best rehab centers in NY, US. It is a 38-bed facility rehab centre that welcomes addicts for treatment, especially adult male, female, LGBT and Spanish monolingual persons. The healthcare facility includes physical, psychological and social care for the addicts so that they can heal properly and feel better from all perspectives. This centre is for people over the age of 18 who are seeking treatment for their substance abuse. Bronx provides especially curetted programs for each and every one and supports the patients in all possible ways. Their counselors are always positive regarding the recovery of the patients and motivate the recovering addicts to lead a better life.  

 Address- 1500 Waters Pl, Bronx, NY 10461, United States

Contact- +1 914-613-6650

Know more- https://oasas.ny.gov/location/bronx-addiction-treatment-center

9. City Recovery of America NYC

City Recovery of America NYC, this addiction treatment centre in New York is a well known treatment centre. They focus on substance abuse treatment especially outpatient treatment programs. They are also known for excellent services regarding mental health issues. Their integrated treatment programs are evidence based, scientific, most updated and one the best in the city. As mentioned earlier they not only work for patients physical recovery, but for overall mental health too, their courses include treatments through meditation, yoga, acupuncture and cupping too. They also have several programs for family therapy and group therapy as well. They assist patients online too through their virtual services.

Address- 285 W Broadway #340, New York, NY 10013, United States

Contact- +1 646-668-0352  

Know more- https://crcinst.com/

best drug rehabs in New York city, USA
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10. Ascendant Detox – NYC

Whether alcohol rehab or drug rehab, Ascendant Detox in NY, US is one if the best rehab centers both for inpatient treatment services and outpatient treatment services. It specializes in alcohol and drug detox, benzodiazepine detox, heroin detox, opiate detox and more. Along with medical treatment to patients through medicines and therapies, this center also gives importance in rebuilding patient’s holistic approaches and removing behavioral disorders for life time. The beautiful location of this center at the heart of the city creates an environment supportive to the treatments and the 24*7 help of the healthcare staff and counselors add on to the quality as well as diversity of the services.

 Address- 113 E 60th St, New York, NY 10022, United States

Contact- +1 917-456-9288

Know more- https://www.ascendantny.com/

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