10 most popular California dishes

10 Most Popular Californian Dishes


The state of beaches, amazing nightlife, charming people, Hollywood and the most popular Californian dishes- this state is indeed one of the famous states of USA. California is a progressive state with the biggest population among the US states having a large economy. Though California is mostly known for it’s two cities- Los Angeles and San Francisco, these are not the only reasons for the popularity of the state. There are so many things to be lived for or visit for this amazing state. The tasty food of California cuisine is definitely one of them.

Whether you are a food blogger, a tourist, a newbie in the state or a foodie native, it will definitely be your point of interest to know what to eat in California.  You might also be an enthusiast of different food recipes and want to know about food in California. If so, this is the right blog you have landed. Now, without much delay let’s dig into the amazing Californian cuisine and try some famous food of CA.

10 things to eat in California-

In such a diverged state, it is obvious that there will be diversity in food too. Like people in other places Californian people too are fascinated about food. They like to go to expensive restaurants, hotels, food joints, café, drink and beverage stores and even to small street food joints. Here I have selected some of the best dishes popular in California, which you must try when you visit this amazing place.

  1. Ramen Burrito-

It is an amazing combination of noodles, eggs, steak and spring onion, wrapped in a tortilla wrapper. It is kind of a roll balanced with carbs, protein, vitamins and of course the amazing taste. Ramen Burrito is a popular food in almost all CA cities. It is a comfort food for people to grab at the hungry hours.

  1. Uramaki-

Reconstruction of traditional classic dishes is always of interest for people. Specially in a happening place like CA, the fusion of food is always welcomed by people. Uramaki, also known as California roll is basically an upside down sushi. It is claimed that this variety of Sushi was invented in California in 1960 by a Japanese Chef. This sushi has the sushi rice as the exterior part, has nori, crab or surimi, avocado, and cucumber. It is often seasoned with roasted sesame seeds and served with gari, soy sauce or wasabi. Urakami is indeed a very tasty dish and is one of the top 10 dishes of California.

California pizza

  1. California Pizza-

This is again a remake form of classic pizza recipe.  It can be considered as the fusion of New York style pizza and Italian thin crust and some unique combination of toppings. In toppings the mostly used ingredients are shrimp, asparagus, smoked salmon, different sea foods, chicken, peanut sauce, barbecue sauce, goat cheese etc. People also like to add pineapples with other toping ingredients.


  1. Tuna Tartare-

Tuna tartare is a cake shaped raw tuna recipe usually topped with a raw egg yolk. The classic steak tartare is made out of beef. But this tuna tartare is specially popular in CA and found in almost all restaurants and cafés in the state. This recipe is made with raw tuna, avocado, egg yolks, green peppercorns, capers, chives, tarragon, mustard, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. It is a great starter dish often served with crackers or toast.

  1. Carne Asada Fries-

It is an American-Mexican dish and is one of the most popular dishes in California. It is mostly found in cafes and restaurants in the starter menu. It is an amazing combination of potatoes, meat, cheese, guacamole, and sour cream. Late night jamming or a laid back evening, some carne asada fries and chilled beer- cheers to the Californian magic!

  1. Monte Cristo sandwich-

How can a sandwich be that different? It is anyway can be seen in the regular meals in any regular day. Well, the case with Monte Cristo sandwich is quite different. It is actually can be considered as a mixture of sandwich and French toast. It consist of two slice of white bread filled with cheese, ham, turkey, or chicken meat. The sandwich is then dipped in beaten eggs and fried in butter. It is a common dish in most of the food joints across the cities in CA.

Vietnamese food in California

  1. Pho-

Pho is a Vietnamese food which can also be seen in most of the food corners and loved by people in California. As California is a state with mixed culture and food habits, the food of different cuisines are seen to be welcomed by people in the state. Pho is a soupy noodle recipe.

  1. Cobb Salad-

Cobb salad can be easily found in the food joints in CA. It is a salad dish that includes lettuce, blue cheese, chicken, tomatoes and bacon. It has its existence in CA since 1937. If you are thinking what to eat in California, Cobb Salad can definitely be the first thing.

  1. Avocado toast-

Avocado being the state food of California has its existence in some major dishes popular around the state. Avocado toast is one of them. Creamy layers of avocado on well toasted bread is something that all would like to have, especially as a quick meal or mid meal.

  1. Appletini-

Concluding the list of top 10 popular dishes in California with a drink- it’s Appletini. It consists of vodka along with other beverages like apple cider, apple liqueur, apple brandy or apple juice. The interesting fact is that due to frequent mentions about Appletini in popular tv shows and movies, specially the movie Social Network, it got its recognition by Facebook as its official drink.

Wish your tummy a happy visit to Californian cuisine.

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